Justice Katju

justice-katju Justice Katju, a kashmiri pandit by birth, has served India’s judiciary in various capacities for the last 20 years. He retired as a judge of the Supreme Court in September 2011. He now serves as Chief of the Press Council of India. His career has been marked by some remarkable maverick judgements; and has been known to be efficient (up to 100 cases per week), bold, scholarly (fond of Urdu and Sanskrit), and comes from a family of judges including his father and grandfather.

Lately, he is in the public eye for all the wrong reasons – being outspoken and direct to the media with his comments on current events in India. It is almost as if he has thrown all caution to the winds, and feels he has a right to exploit his freedom of speech (like our ‘esteemed’ politicians who keep putting both feet in their mouths and getting away with irresponsible statements. Now here’s a yogasan that even Baba Ramdev has not fully mastered!) with nary a thought of responsibility. After all, he has publicly said that Indian media is obsessed with celebrity personality and “90% of Indians are stupid.”

He has been bombarded, probably by the other 10% Indians who feel they are more articulate and smart (myself included 🙂 ), by irreverent comments admonishing him to curtail his vocal output befitting a Chief of PCI. The following link takes you to his blog called “satyam bruyat” (speak truth).


Unfortunately, he himself seems to have forgotten the other half of this famous Sanskrit phrase:
Satyam bruyat, Priyam bruyat
meaning “speak the truth, (but) speak in softer (not harsh) tones.”

On the positive side, he does seem to be open to adverse comments and publishes them (as long as they use ‘proper’ language). Gotta hand it to him; the man is not afraid to handle criticism…and there’s plenty of it from all corners, from people from all walks of life. I implore you all to read and comment.

Jai Hind


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