Painful Realization!

I am very much pained with Bihar election outcome. I am made painfully aware how elections can be hijacked by petty politicians with a hateful agenda of stripping the PM of our country of any respect. I am made painfully aware of how Biharis have acted in their own selfish narrow interest confined within the bounds of their particular communities. It is amazing that Nitish and Lalu played good cop – bad cop to the hilt and swayed the entire state. I think Indians believe in magic and divine intervention more than their own logic and thinking power. I am surprised that Hindus (read RSS, VHP et al) feel that somehow controlling what people say or write, what they eat or drink, what they wear, where they worship, what they study is more important than providing basic necessities of life like water, electricity, better infrastructure, corruption – free governments… I am surprised that media is also concerned only about controlling the Indian mind share. So are there people who see through this charade, or am I the only one in a narrow group who feel strange in their own motherland? Why didn’t anyone talk about the vast criminalization of Bihar politics? Why are people still concerned about reservation for their communities rather than actual upliftment above the quota raj? Is there no shame left? How long do they expect mai-baap sarkar to dole out economic benefits & subsidies in the name of socialization? Is that truly the answer, a long-term answer to our problems?


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